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In an approach more camp than whimsical, Hunter Schafer obscured her own nails entirely, opting instead for a set of fitted gold faux fingertips finished in a matching monochromatic manicure, with a few hardware details thrown in for good measure. Ever the Sesame street elmo cookie monster shirt also I will do this irreverent ingenue, Rowan Blanchard’s shimmering take on the French manicure (executed by Mei Kawajiri) featured pearlescent crosses and romantic decals in addition to saccharine color. And for Cardi B, a pair of armor-slash-boots by Balenciaga called for two hands of gilded talons that elevated the moment from high-shine accessorizing to a full-out futuristic look. So should you find yourself in a bit of a beauty rut, rediscover your playful nature with an out-of-the-box manicure—even if the only person who gets to enjoy it is you.

Sesame street elmo cookie monster shirt

Unity has been the Sesame street elmo cookie monster shirt also I will do this theme of the week, with most of our attention focused on the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. We heard messages of harmony in their speeches and saw it in their clothes, Harris’s Christopher John Rogers violet coat (a mix of blue and red) being the most obvious nod to a new era of bipartisanship. But even outside of politics, we’ve begun to recognize that a better future depends on collaboration, openness, and connection—from our personal experiences to the way we do business.How does that apply to fashion, an industry so rooted in exclusivity and competition? Just a few years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to get a designer to share their factories or outline their supply chain. They were expected to work alone, protect their sources, and generally avoid transparency. That’s understandable when it comes to design and intellectual property, but it simply doesn’t work if you’re trying to make better choices for the planet.

Sesame street elmo cookie monster hoodie


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