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He will provide a path to permanent legal residence for those who want that and protected temporary status for those who want that. Frequently updated records will be kept of names, locations, occupations, and general progress of these immigrants for five years. They will be excluded from the Madam Vice President Kamala Harris shirt it is in the first place but possibility of citizenship unless they are deemed to be refugees, but their already born children will be able to apply for citizenship if they wish. There is not yet a Biden administration. The plans and preparations were carried out by the secret service, the military, the capitol police, and DC. Since there were an armed insurrection and continuous threats being made against Biden and Harris, the preparations, while extreme, are prudent. You know two-timer trump had nothing to do with the plans because they make sense. The handling of the National Guard is in the hands of the secretary of the army.

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One is amazed at this question because to hold it as a serious question, one needs to ignore the Madam Vice President Kamala Harris shirt it is in the first place but insurrection and violence that leader mcconnell today blamed failed putsch leader trump. And one needs to ignore all the intelligence that the DHS, FBI, US Military are all receiving. You know, the kind of information that was ignored on January 6. Then there is a special kind of deliberate ignoring of who is in charge, and arrogance amounting to hubris in ignoring what happened to put the ‘blame’ for this on Biden. You have revealed much about yourself. It wasn’t a crisis before Trump kept them out. What will you do if the sewage in your area is backed up? You won’t have any immigrants to do the work. What would you do if you try to make a doctor’s appointment and the receptionist doesn’t know how to use the computer? Many valued DACA students do this type of work. Why not give them to the Trump supporters. Most know how to fix your car problems but wouldn’t know basic computer use which your vehicle has. Are you afraid that a few Guatemalans would move into your town or neighborhood. That would be a disaster. If you are unhappy find a new country and move there

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