Vegatee – Busta Wine shirt

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I’ve never counted them, but I have at least one from each of my collections, and several others I bought before founding Zafia. As one would see in my videos, I always try to put together the Busta Wine shirt besides I will buy this scarves along with a complete outfit. I am a big fan of ’80s and ’90s classic fashion. My looks are always combined with vintage pieces and a little something modern. My biggest inspiration for fashion is Princess Diana, although her legacy extends far beyond fashion—she is the greatest fashion icon of the 20th century. From her most casual and sportive looks to classic and chic, she always looked fabulous.

Busta Wine shirt

I have a long history with jackets, and I am a huge fan! It doesn’t matter if it is a parka, coat, leather, denim—I just love them. However, my favorite piece from my closet is a scarf from my grandmother that is very special to me. It has a history and that’s the Busta Wine shirt besides I will buy this key.

Busta Wine s Hoodie

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