I only buy fabric when I need it for a project or because it’s on sale or because it’s pretty shirt

This was about 12 years ago. I was at the Town swimming pool. I am in the water and finish one lap. I come up for air and see a woman actually squatting over the pool and taking a dump and urinating. Just about every lifeguard saw that. The police were called, responded and arrested her. But the pool had to be evacuated and emptied. The shit was picked up and bagged by police as evidence.


The entire pool was scrubbed down by the fire department. Using about 5 hoses, every square inch of the pool was washed. Because water from fire hoses are not clean, the water from the fire department had to be drained. A company that delivers clean and pure water filled the pool. So for 1 day the gates to the pool were partially closed. Some residents refuse to go back. I am one of the chosen few who refuses to go to the pool ever again.

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