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That leaves the ever-illusive “NOW.” Since “now” is always fleeting then it is hard to see its significance but without any “now”s the past would not have been and the future shall never be. I think every moment is precious but do not savor them too long you will lose sight of the future and waste them. Our time is short so make the most of it. Realize that all of them are some part of who you are and the present is the future unfolding. The ability to live fully ‘present’ at the moment is called mindfulness. It does come more easily to some than others but anyone can do it and develop this skill. Notice that he says it’s the awareness that emerges through paying attention. This is an important point that many people miss. There is a peaceful state of awareness that lies beneath the mind’s constant chatter. Through paying attention in this way, the awareness in you which is unconditioned can emerge – and with it, a sense of well-being, joy, wholeness.

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Meditation is the word commonly used to describe the ‘formal’ practice of cultivating awareness, usually when you’re sitting with eyes closed and engaging in a type of focused attention. To seize the moment means to make the most of the moment you are living. You could take it as being the opposite of letting opportunities pass you by, of hesitating and doubting. If you seize the moment, you are not only grabbing the opportunities that come with both hands, but you are also creating your own, making the most of the split second you have. You take the moment you are in and make it yours. This is your time, your opportunity, and you run with it. Personally, it’s kind of like having tunnel-vision but on an experience level in the sense that all you feel is everything happening around you and nothing else. A surreal feeling to have for sure.


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